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Nowadays, every establishment, whether commercial, private or government, houses tonnes of data that need constant protection from time to time. With the complexity of every institution increasing with each passing day along with the risks and dangers that threaten to destabilize crucial structures, Mr. Security Camera jumps right into the middle of this game. It offers to safeguard your assets, both physical and virtual, at affordable costs. Whether it is educational or financial institutions, correctional facilities, or government organizations, we offer to protect all your needs, anytime, anywhere.

Mr. Security Camera Inc. is a full service security solution. From enterprise security to retail we do it all! Offering industry specific solutions with a vast array of resources at our disposal. Our technicians are the best in the field and bring with them years of knowledge and experience. We can design and apply our limitless knowledge base to your specific needs. We have experience implementing security solutions to multi-family housing, office buildings, corrections facilities, education, retail, government buildings, industrial applications, financial services, and many other specialized industries. MSC is a true professional in the industry, you can trust us to do it the right way the first time!

A modern apartment building with balconies and trees.

Multi-family Housing

Mr. Security Camera offers an array of diverse security solutions that covers you and your family under an umbrella of a complete network of protection. We have designed hundreds of security solutions

A cash register in a store.

Retail Security Solutions

Whether you have a single establishment or a franchise across multiple locations, We can provide the right retail security solution for you and your business.

The capitol building in austin, texas.

Government Security Solutions

We settles for nothing short of excellence. This shows in our services not limited to private individuals and commercial establishments but also government agencies.

Cctv camera on a pole with trees in the background.

Correctional Security Solutions

We have handled security projects of some of the largest and most secure correctional facilities in the USA. Our experience and knowledge base is unparalleled.

A modern office building with a blue sky behind it.

Financial Institutions

We design a security system that shows your pride in your work and builds your client's trust in you by keeping your institution free from any intrusion or malicious activity.

Pillars of a building with the sun shining on them.


The need for expertise in security is a must-have for any educational establishment. As an industry leader, Mr. Security Camera takes pride in providing all.

Large stainless steel tanks in a factory.


Mr. Security Camera's specialized team has engineered new designs for applications in the mining industry, placing cameras where no one was able to before.

The sky is blue.

Specialized Industries

There is no system we can't secure! Name it, and we will protect it with our state-of-the-art equipment that is durable and works well till inifinity.

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