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We, at Mr. Security Camera deliver varied services centered around your needs. Here is what we offer!

1. Intrusion Systems

Our intrusion system consists of an ultra-high-tech software application that helps you keep an eye for any mischievous activities. The software reports to only the admin of the property as the admin has full control over the operations of the system.

2. Alarm Verification

Be it any device, effective security is crucial. It saves time and futile expenses. Mr. Security Camera brings you an alarm system that is not only accurate but also cost-effective. So you can easily verify if the alarm was due to an intrusion or malicious behavior and save yourself from false alarms.

3. Access Control

You are the rightful owner of your property and you have all right to keep people from entering your property without permission. Our Access Control systems allow you to restrict chosen people from entering your property easily. Moreover, you can use our access control systems commercially to limit employees from entering a particular area or giving them access to a place for limited times.

4. Video Surveillance

Mr. Security Camera’s affordable high-end video cameras will help you keep an eye on your property right from the comfort of your house or office. From basic video surveillance systems to the most modern complex systems, we install and service the right one for you!

5. Security Automation

Mr. Security Camera offers solutions that help you sit back and relax. Our security automation systems constantly monitor your complete security network. If issues are found, we analyze the problem and ensure quick and cost-efficient fixes to keep your system running at its best.

6. Active Shooter Detection

Armed crimes are on an all-time high. To make your property safe and secure, Mr. Security Camera proudly brings you an Active Shooter Detection system which alerts you when a gunshot is heard, or a muzzle flash is noticed, with 100% accuracy rate. No false alarms guaranteed.

7. Integration

We, at Mr. Security Camera, partner with you to offer our best products, always! We strive to deliver excellence and intend to make our systems as easy as possible for you. Moreover, for your accessibility, we have developed a unified system that can bring you the data from every security system you have installed on your property saving your time.

8. Data Analytics

Adding value to your business is our aim. Our Data Analytics systems are built to do just that. Based on a tremendous knowledge and skill, our data analytics tool amasses and brings you data from the entire organization or system offering you a pedestal to leverage data to work in your favor.

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