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We deliver varied services centered around your needs. Here is what we offer!

Video Surveillance

Mr. Security Camera’s high-end video cameras will help you keep an eye on your property right from the comfort of your house or office. From basic video surveillance systems to the most modern complex systems, we install and service the right one for you!

Thermal Cameras

When it’s hard to see due to fog, rain, or snow you still need to know when your perimeter is compromised. We are professionals in the industry and can add extended layers of security to protect your business in any situation.


Get rid of old wire fence protection and go modern with Radar. Eliminate 90% of the false positives and allow your security team to respond to positive hits with confidence. Allow Mr. Security Camera, Inc. to build you a security system to last a lifetime!

Data Analytics

Adding value to your business is our aim. Our Data Analytics systems are built to do just that. Based on a tremendous knowledge and skill, our data analytics tools bring you data from the entire organization or system offering you a pedestal to leverage data to work in your favor. Build a case, and identify the solution.

Cloud Services

To better protect your sensitive data, we offer cloud storage to insure in the worst case scenario you won’t lose it all! The cost of storage solutions has dropped drastically over the years, now making it extremely affordable to store high definition data for years to come. With the cloud we can now manage your access control and CCTV systems as well allowing your team to focus on what they are good at! We can notify you if any part of your system malfunctions instantly, making sure your systems stay online.

Active Shooter Detection

Armed crimes are on an all-time high. To make your property safe and secure, Mr. Security Camera proudly brings you an Active Shooter Detection system which alerts you when a gunshot is heard, or a muzzle flash is noticed, with 100% accuracy rate. No false alarms guaranteed.

IP Audio

Audio solutions can be used in a vast array of different areas of your business. If you have a monitored surveillance system, the guard may call out intruders and notify them that they are being watched or authorities are responding. Or maybe you need to make announcements across your store, or warehouse. We even set up call boxes from your entry gates! Let the professionals at Mr. Security Camera custom build your audio to fit your business’s needs.

Intrusion Systems

Our intrusion system consists of an ultra-high-tech software application that helps you keep an eye for any mischievous activities. If they intend on coming in the front door, or a back window we can cover it all!

Access Control

Our Access Control systems allow you to restrict chosen people from entering your property easily. Moreover, you can use our access control systems commercially to limit employees from entering a particular area or giving them access to a place for limited times. You can set up meeting room schedules, or holiday hours. Track employee movement throughout a building. We can tie your access control into a VMS (Video Management Software) to allow you easy control over your system.


We, at Mr. Security Camera, partner with you to offer our best products, always! We strive to deliver excellence and intend to make our systems as easy as possible for you. Moreover, for your accessibility, we have developed a unified system that can bring you the data from every security system you have installed on your property saving your time.


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