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Security systems services are our forte. Mr. Security Camera delivers a comprehensive range of solutions based on industry needs. Our security systems comprise software and integrated systems that work impeccably to keep you safe and secure. Following are the services that we offer:

1. Commercial and business security

We offer an extensive array of diverse security solution to provide you with a complete deal of protection. Security systems such as intrusion systems, access control systems, and video surveillance systems are fully automated and easy to use. We also offer an integrated system to keep an eye on all of the systems installed on your property at a single glance.

2. Retail Security Solutions

We wish to deliver excellence in every grain of our service. We help retailers prevent workplace altercations, protection for assets, risk and liability management and so much more. We want to make sure you and your clients have a safe and sound retailing experience.

3. Restaurant Security Systems

The pleasure of dining in absolute serenity and safety shouldn't be too much to ask. That is  what we want to give to your customers. We proudly bring to the restaurants, our specialized restaurant security systems with Access Control, Video Surveillance, Staff Protection, Safe locks and so much more.

4. Healthcare Security Systems

Along with the wellness of patients, their security is equally important. Our security systems such as wander security, real-time video camera systems and more protect infants, children, adults, and senior citizens.

5. Government Security Solutions

Numerous people visit US Government offices on a day to day basis. So to keep government offices secure, we offer systems such as UL Monitoring Services, Intrusion Detection, Modern locks, Access Control, Complete Lockdown, Bulletproof or blast resistant doors and Windows, Video Surveillance, and Monitoring and much more.

6. Correctional Security Solutions

We secure correctional facilities too! Our video surveillance, access control, remotely controlled doors and several other systems ensure correctional facilities function effortlessly.

7. Security Solutions for Financial Institutions

We understand that your clients trust you as they deposit their assets in your bank. Thus, we design a security system that preserves your pride and client’s trust in you and keeps your institution free from any intrusion or malicious activities.

8. School Security Systems

We all want our kids to be safe. Thus, we strive to offer the best security systems to keep your kids safe while at school and let them focus on the prime factor of education.

9. Higher Education Security Services

Students are the future of our country and to keep them safe, we’ll do everything that we can. Staff Security, Emergency Management, Private Communication and Announcement, Crisis Management and Response, and lockdown solutions are few of our myriads systems we offer to protect this country’s future.

10. Enterprise Security Solutions

Our experience enables us to offer exceptional security solutions for your enterprise. Access Control systems, Audio Intrusion Detection, Video Surveillance, Video Monitoring, Electronic Door Locking, High-Tech Vault Locks, Biometric Authentication, are few of our many security systems built for enterprises.

11. Small Business Security Systems

Intending to benefit entrepreneurs, boot-strappers, we offer security solutions to help guard your hard earned money. We empower you to avoid theft, robbery, burglary, malicious activity, property damage, forced entry and numerous other circumstances that may threaten your business’ survival.

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