Full Service Security Solutions Providers - Multi-Family, Retail, Government, Financial Security Solutions in California

Mr. Security Camera Inc. is a full service security solution. From enterprise security to retail we do it all! Offering industry specific solutions with a vast array of resources at our disposal. Our technicians are the best in the field and bring with them years of knowledge and experience. We can design and apply our limitless knowledge base to your specific needs. We have experience implementing security solutions to multi-family housing, office buildings, corrections facilities, education, retail, government buildings, industrial applications, financial services, and many other specialized industries. MSC is a true professional in the industry, you can trust us to do it the right way the first time!

Multi-family Housing

We offer an extensive array of diverse security solutions to provide you with a complete system of protection. We have designed hundreds of security solutions for Multi-family Housing. With our extensive knowledge of wireless infrastructure and extremely clean looking installs, your security system will appear seamless and professional while maintaining the functionality you deserve for years to come.

Retail Security Solutions

We wish to deliver excellence in every grain of our services. With our years of securing retail stores we consistently keep up with the best procedures and equipment to help with loss prevention, risk and liability management, asset protection, altercation prevention, and safety.  Whether you have a single site, or multiple locations nationwide, we have the right solutions for you.

Government Security Solutions

Mr. Security Camera Inc. strives for nothing short of excellence. Excellence is crucial when securing a Government facility such as a high security critical structure, port, stations, fail secure and fail safe locations. With a vast knowledge of regulations, and compliance needs, MSC can properly facilitate the process of Government security.

Correctional Security Solutions

Our projects include some of the largest and most secure correctional facilities in the United States. With our experience and knowledge base we can integrate access control, intercom, and CCTV in to one platform. While also ensuring that all aspects of compliance, equipment, requirements, and install regulations are met. This knowledge will save precious time and capital.

Financial Institutions

We understand that your clients rely on you to keep their assets safe. Therefore, we design a security system that preserves your pride and client’s trust in you and keeps your institution free from any intrusion or malicious activities. We understand the deep need for security in your industry. Providing years of experience in asset protection, software/hardware integration, crisis management, response requests, equipment and installation integrity. Our expertise will ensure security is in place and functional when you need it!


Students are the future of our country and to keep them safe, we’ll do everything that we can. Staff Security, Emergency Management, Private Communication and Announcement, Crisis Management and Response, and lockdown solutions are few of our myriads systems we offer to protect this country’s future. With the need for expertise in communication, access control, student and staff safety, large-scale notification, theft prevention, and the protection of sensitive data make this industry one that only industry leaders such as Mr. Security Camera Inc. can tackle.


In an industrial application the needs are vastly different from the typical security solutions. The need for ruggedized equipment requires a professional in the field. With our specialized division of experts in the industrial equipment we can meet all your needs. Our team has engineered new designs for applications in the mining industry, among others, putting cameras where no one was able to before. We have a number of partnerships that allow us to create new ways to accomplish design feats that have not been seen before. 

Specialized Industries

Our team of experts with decades of experience in the field cumulatively, allow us to tackle almost any job. Mr. Security Camera Inc. has a team of professionals in compliance, legal, integrity, design, knowledge, and we continue to grow each and every year. You name it, we’ll secure it!   


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