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Advanced technology to counter advanced threats.

With technology advancements, the world is now exposed to more criminal activities. And in order to meet these advanced threats, you need a security system that’s further ahead of the threats. Video Surveillance Systems are now here to solve all your problems. So, what exactly is Video Surveillance Monitoring Systems? It is a security system that works by having the live feed from your video surveillance system monitored in real-time by professional or trained employees remotely. We, at Mr. Security Camera, are leaders of video surveillance systems. We provide you with solutions that will keep you safe and secure in any of your commercial properties.

The benefits of getting a video monitoring system installed from Mr. Security Camera.

1. Active Security Video System:

Unlike any other passive security video monitoring system, Mr. Security Camera proactively and constantly watches over the targeted area. Their high-quality camera can verify all the activity captured on screen. The Live Monitoring function not only scans recorded videos after a crime but also captures and verifies all the activity on the screen.

2. Remote Access:

The network of camera surveillance system can be easily accessed and configured remotely. It enables the users to view live and recorded videos anytime and from any location around the globe. This is extremely effective in cases where a security check is handled by a third party, such as a security firm.

3. High-Quality Pictures:

Mr. Security Camera ensures that the camera delivers high-quality images with good resolutions. High-quality images are necessary to capture an incident clearly and also to identify a person or an object. The company provides a fully digitalized IP Surveillance camera system. In addition, digital images can be stored more easily than analog videotapes.

4. Flexibility:

IP based security camera system helps to connect with multiple camera networks and other types of applications to share the same network for communicating data. In this way, additional network video products can be added without any significant or expensive changes to the network infrastructure.

5. Cost Effective:

Cloud Storage helps you access data from any corner of the world. It gives you quick access to the information whenever and wherever you need. Cloud Data also helps in decentralizing of the data eliminating the cumbersome task of syncing the data across multiple platforms. Hence making it available across the globe at a click of a button.

An integrated Video Monitoring System helps in reducing the total cost involved in procuring the ownership of the security system than traditional CCTV camera system. These network-based options are cost-effective alternatives to the traditional cabling for a CCTV system. Also, video footage can be routed from any part of the world. The management and equipment costs are less because back-end applications and storage run on company standard, open systems-based servers.

Want to safeguard your business by giving the right kind of security check it needs?

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