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Do I need a Surveillance System Installation?

What is a Surveillance System Installation?

Surveillance System Installations – Imagine being anywhere in the world and having “eyes in the back of your head” or ears that hear what others do not. What if you could “see through walls”, or see in the dark? Imagine being able to do it without anyone noticing. It wouldn’t make you a super hero; it would just mean that you were intelligent enough to invest in a surveillance system.

If you have invested in a Camera System, you’re ahead of the curve and are already recording, saving and remembering anything and everything that happens in or around your business. When you install one of our surveillance systems, you will have taken one of the first steps in protecting your way of life. By integrating a security system with surveillance equipment, you will maximize your defence against those that would try to threaten your security.

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Who Needs a Surveillance System Installed?

Businesses and Surveillance

If you own a business, you are in a position to lose everything, since you are not one of those multi-million dollar corporations that can lose money without flinching. All it takes is a few big losses in a month and you end up looking at the books wondering what happened and how you’re going to catch up. You need to protect your business and assets. Imagine being able to sit poolside relaxing and relying on a Surveillance System to display all aspects of your business all the way down to the POS. That’s right keep track of your Point Of Sale with a surveillance system. Keep your employees honest and thief’s under the radar and traceable. Imagine being able to record and track the license plates of every individual that drives into your parking lot. Or being able to hand over a clear picture of a perp and evidence of his/her dishonesty to your local law enforcement. It reduces the risk of loss to your business and increases your confidence in being a business owner. Call us today for a free estimate on a surveillance system installation and take the first step in protecting yourself.

Large Corporations Surveillance Systems

If you own a large corporation, you have probably experienced several losses since the day you started your business, from bad investments down to the stealing of office supplies by your employees. Imagine being able to record every moment with a surveillance system and go back and “remember” everything with crystal clear clarity. Large corporations are usually the first to experience break-ins, embezzlement, and theft. As a large corporation, you stand to lose a lot of money and in many cases, without even realizing it until after it’s too late. Call Mr. Security Camera for a free estimate and a custom Surveillance System Installation. Start protecting your self today and reduce the possibility of anything catastrophic happening to your business.

Medical Facilities Surveillance Systems

A medical facility typically has an open door policy; anyone can walk in and request service or request to see a patient. With such a policy it only makes sense to be able to monitor the happenings of visitors into such a facility. By installing a surveillance system, you will be protecting the patients, the staff, visitors, and the doctors. Start protecting your medical facility and your staff, call us for a security camera system today.

School Surveillance Systems

If your child goes to a public school, it is probably a small concern always in the back of your mind as to whether or not your child is safe. We are in an age where some adults want to threaten their safety. By installing a surveillance system into a school, you are protecting the children from not only outside influences but from inside influences as well. You are able to make sure the teachers and other students are behaving appropriately for today’s youth and also to make sure that they are providing an environment conducive to the best possible education of your children. See your local PTA about installing surveillance systems in your school.

There are many different types of Surveillance Systems.

Which is the best for you?

When considering the best system for yourself, there are a few things to consider. How much is your budget going to be? How effective do you need your surveillance system to be? Does your technology need to be the best of the best? Or does your surveillance system just need to make sure that your employees are safe? Whatever your needs, we will customize a system to your needs.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Some types of systems to consider will be a Closed Circuit Television or CCTV System. This is the most traditional form of surveillance systems. This is a system that you will typically see in liquor stores, malls, store parking lots, etc.

Wired Digital

A wired Digital Camera works the same as a CCTV system except it ties directly into your computer and gives you the ability to edit audio and video and is connected to the main power system on your property.

Wireless Infrastructure

Wireless Infrastructure has come a long way in the last 20 years, and is constantly improving. The days of digging up concrete to run underground conduit between buildings for surveillance is long gone. We now make use of high powered antenna and air fiber units to send data wirelessly up to a few miles away. Mr Security Camera has the partners in place to make full use of this technology. This saves valuable time and money for our clients.

How Surveillance Systems Work

If you’re wondering how a Surveillance System works, then look no further. Although there are many variations of security systems and the way that they work, they all operate under similar principles. A camera monitors and transmits and video/audio signal and that signal in most cases is received by a recording device, such as a hard drive on a computer or a digital video recorder. Your videos are then stored on that device and can be reviewed at a later date. A surveillance system can be integrated with just about any other security system, access control panel or POS system on today’s market. 

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