Which are Better - Wired or Wireless Security Cameras?

Lately, crimes are increasing at an alarming rate, and so, it’s wise to choose security camera installation Sacramento services in to keep the property safe from possible threats. 

To determine the ideal type of camera you require, you must be aware of the sets of attributes of a wired and wireless set of camera and the very differences it has. Although it seems intuitive at the beginning, the very differences between them lie in the details.

Apart from weighing the pros and cons of each type, there are several things to consider while choosing a security system. So here’s a proper rundown on each type of security cameras.

Wired Security Systems

The most traditional and primarily used are wired security cameras. As per its name, wired security, the systems require cables to power itself up. It also requires power to start up its internet connection as well as video transmission.

A cable will be running from the camera to a recorder which will then be connected to the router you have established. There are choices on how such wired security is powered up. 

Either it will be a separate power cord or a POE cable. For POE or Power Over Ethernet systems, only one cable will be required to boost up power as well as an internet connection. 


  • The primary advantage of such wired security is its reliability. The wired frame will not be much susceptible to interference incoming from wireless signals. It is mainly due to its physical connection between the ports of camera, recorder, and router. Hence reliability is an assured feature for such security camera systems Roseville

  • Another advantage of wired security cameras is the fact that it can support many large systems. You might have to consider going for wired systems while deciding on security camera installation Sacramento. Wired systems can at the most support 4 to 16 sets of a camera which makes it an ideal choice for large estates. It is a common choice for inhabitants to be wanting a comprehensive coverage as opposed to surveilling only some specific areas. 


  • Coming to the cons of wired security systems, wired systems are often much undesirable for its installation system. While it does not require any professional hands for Access control system installation Sacramento, the experience can turn out to be daunting as the systems are not much flexible.

  • Apart from its feature of access control system installations Sacramento, the wired category are much vulnerable to power outages. 

Wireless Security System 

A wireless system is known for addressing the most significant downside of a wired system, which is installation. The most significant difference between wireless and wired security systems is that the surveillance feed is transferred wirelessly. 


  • While installation falls among its beneficial feature, the wireless systems seem to serve well for the renters and temporary homeowners. It is easy to assemble wireless security support as there is no requirement of wire support. Hence they can be mounted quite flexibly with security camera systems Folsom.

  • Wireless security camera keeps on streaming live footage to mobile devices you own which means, even if your control room is destroyed for some reason, you won’t lose footage. On top of that, collected security footage is stored directly in the cloud – meaning no need to delete previously recorded footage in order to make room for new ones.


  • The major downside of such wireless surveillance is that they are more prone to interference. As such, they can become unreliable at times. 

  • Due to it being based upon wireless support, the coverage limit will tend to get limited and will also depend on factors like the router and its signal as well as the amount of interference. 


Before determining your ideal choice of security, you should evaluate the current status of security in your property. The size of your property and the necessity of security will so determine the security system best for you. Consult with a trusted security company like Mr. Security Camera to choose the best camera type for your needs.