Ways to Protect Your Commercial Security Cameras from Hackers

You lead a connected life – a byproduct of the age of the Internet. Without connectivity, one cannot even take a step out of their home, apparently! 

So when it comes to the safety and security of your home or place of business, it’s no wonder that you would go for a wireless security camera system.

In the opinion of experts associated with companies offering commercial security systems Dallas TX solutions, there are many upsides of choosing a wireless security camera system. But, just like everything present in this world, security systems have some pitfalls & risks associated.  The biggest concern with these devices is the fact that a wireless security camera system can be hacked. The reason is simple – anything connected to a network, whether public or private, can be hacked by cybercriminals with just the right set of skills and gear! These hackers can spy on you and take advantage, leaving you with regrets for a lifetime. 

So, what is the solution then!?

There are plenty! But, according to the spokesperson of a company offering commercial security cameras installation Dallas TX area, the following tips should suffice.

Please pay attention.

It is best that you avoid viewing the live feed from public networks

Experts associated with a leading low voltage installation company Dallas TX strictly warn their clients to avoid using public networks to view live streams from their office or home security camera systems. Wondering why? Well, because public networks do not have strong firewalls to keep hackers at bay. This is the reason why a hacker can easily target you by gaining access to your device and ultimately to the live feed from your wireless security camera system – need more convincing!?

It is best that you go for cameras that use encryption

Technology is evolving even as you are reading this post. As an additional precautionary step, you can also ask your security camera solutions provider to install security cameras that encrypt its signals before sending it out on the internet. This is a great feature to hide the feed from your home or place of business from prying eyes!

Avoid going for used cameras

You should never compromise when it comes to securing your home or business premise. If you are planning to purchase a used security camera system just to save a few bucks, please don’t!

According to experts associated with companies offering low voltage installation services Dallas TX, a used security camera system may come with a compromised firmware that has several digital backdoors coded in it.

This could either be deliberate or a result of a hacker attack that the previous owner failed to monitor. In the end, you will be suffering since what goes inside your home or place of business could be a reality show in the dark net!

Do you still want to take that chance!?


It is imperative that you follow the tips mentioned in the above sections to live a safe life in this modern age. Taking safety precautions is the only way to ensure that the wireless security camera system installed in your home or place of business is not compromised. 

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