Reasons Why Electronic Surveillance Industry is Adopting Cloud Technology

Reasons Why Electronic Surveillance Industry is Adopting Cloud Technology

In cloud computing, a network of remote servers hosted on the internet is used to manage, store and process data, instead of a personal computer or local server. Cloud is used for cybersecurity and software security, but it is increasingly being used in surveillance systems as well. The tech is making it easy to keep the premises secure from all possible threats, and many businesses all across the globe are choosing these to fail the plans of burglars and ill-doers. 

Using Cloud Based Security Systems in Commercial Establishments

Using cloud based video surveillance systems Sacramento has amazing benefits. You will never need to deal with bulky hardware again with cloud storage taking its place. The pricing is great with higher returns on investment. It provides companies with economies of scale, leading to reduced costs of ownership. Its storage is configurable to fit businesses of all sizes.

Here are some of the benefits of using cloud technology in the surveillance industry:

  • Anywhere access - Many surveillance security systems do allow remote check-in. However, speed and buffering is the main concern. Surveillance systems using cloud technology can be accessed anywhere, whether you are at work or at home. The streaming is fast due to the inbuilt buffers.

  • Cost-effective and less upfront capital expenditure - Cloud technology saves upfront capital costs. Without bearing any costs, you can use advanced technology and system resources. Those looking for high-quality solutions to meet their security concerns, you can get better and more advanced features in a SAAS security system than in traditional surveillance systems.

  • Storage - Overwriting problems are now a thing of the past. With cloud storage security systems Sacramento you can store videos for up to 180 days. Your security system can now store more data than it did before.

  • Easy to Upgrade and Update - Without an extensive installation process, your system can be upgraded and expanded in a matter of minutes. For this, all that is required on the site is transmitting and recording devices. There is no need for a comprehensive on-site equipment as it was used in traditional surveillance equipment. With cloud storage security solutions Sacramento, updates take place on their own without one having to do anything. Updates ensure that your surveillance system works perfectly and is able to withstand a hack from cybercriminals.

  • Reliability and stability - Cloud technology is always under the radar for stability and make sure that the cameras are always working. As your cloud service is elsewhere, be it a flood or fire, your data will never get lost.

  • Convenient and compact - As most of the resources are deployed offsite; Cloud Storage Security Systems Sacramento is beneficial when you do not have enough room to spare for surveillance equipment.

  • Measured services - Cloud solutions can be regulated, monitored and controlled depending on the size of the business.

  • More power savings - Idle server are common if you run your own data centre. It causes a major waste of energy.  The shared infrastructure reduces power usage and reduces overall operating costs associated with power consumption.


Adoption of cloud technologies has proven itself to be an economical way when it comes to surveillance systems. 9 out of 10 businesses use cloud technology in their surveillance system, and almost 49% of business experienced financial growth using the cloud. The money that you save by switching to cloud based video surveillance systems Sacramento can be used to develop other sectors of your business.