Maintenance Tips for Video Surveillance Systems

Maintenance Tips for Video Surveillance Systems

Installing cloud based video surveillance systems Sacramento in homes and commercial properties is a common practice these days. It allows you to have complete peace of mind - you can rest assured that your property will be safe from ill doers.

On top of that, in case you have installed a live video monitoring Sacramento system in your commercial property, you can make sure that every member in your workforce is doing their job diligently.

Now, coming to the topic of this post – no matter where you have installed a surveillance system, you would need to take certain steps in order to ensure your investment remains operational for years to come.

The following tips, if followed diligently, will ensure that all access control system installations Sacramento of your surveillance system is in their prime, irrespective of the weather conditions. Read on to know more!

  • Keep the field of view clear from all vegetation

Companies associated with providing access control system installation Sacramento services advise property owners to ensure that the field of view of each camera unit is clear from all forms of vegetation.

If the view of a camera is obstructed due to plants and bushes, it creates a blindspot that can become a security threat, if the same goes overlooked for some time.

  • Regularly clean the lenses of each camera unit

Each camera unit in a typical surveillance system consists of several camera units that are either interconnected to each other via wires or wirelessly. 

Each camera unit has a thick protective plastic cover on top of its lens. With time, it is evident that these protective covers will become dirty. You would need to periodically clean the same using compressed air and a microfiber cloth for best results.

  • Periodically inspect the camera housing

 The camera units in your surveillance system are all protected from the elements by an all-weather resistant camera housing. Periodically inspect the camera housing and check for signs of waterlogging or condensation in the same. If you find any of these in the camera housing, the chances are high that the hull of the camera housing is damaged. Call professionals in order to replace or repair the same right away to prevent further damage.

  • Ensure all cables are properly connected and damage-free

Both wireless and wired surveillance systems have cable connections that connect the camera units to the central console. You would need to keep an eye on the said connections and make sure that all connections sit securely in their respective holders. This will ensure that every component of the system is receiving power.

If there are signs of wear or damage in any of the cables, and you fail to get the same sorted out, premature damage of important components in your surveillance system is imminent!


Whether you have installed an access control system installation Sacramento in your home or in your commercial property, taking care of it is your responsibility. To ensure your costly investment doesn’t go to waste prematurely, due to the lack of maintenance; make sure to abide by the tips mentioned in the above sections.