How To Boost Signal Of Wireless Security Camera Systems?

How To Boost Signal Of Wireless Security Camera Systems?

It is no news that wireless security camera systems are way more convenient and efficient compared to their wired counterparts. But there could be instances when one starts witnessing disruptions in the surveillance streams which may or may not include latency and even momentary blackouts.

If one is witnessing such issues then there is no need to panic as the issue is simple – the signals emanating from the wireless camera units are getting disrupted.

There are several ways to mitigate this issue. Some of the simple steps one can take or ask their preferred provider of services like security camera system installation in Sacramento to take are as follows – 

The position of the router managing the surveillance streams is crucial

Indeed, routers are often considered to be an aesthetic blunder. Hence, home and commercial property owners often try to place the router dedicated to the wireless security camera system installed on the property to be hidden away inside a cabinet or tucked away behind a bunch of items.

In such cases, it is natural for the wireless security camera system to start acting up.

Possible solutions for this issue are as follows – 

  • One must ensure that the router is visible from the positions of the wireless camera units. This is known as line-of-sight. Wi-Fi signals travel in a straight line. Hence, the router should be in the line of sight of the wireless camera units otherwise, the instances of signal disruptions and increased latency will not be solved.
  • One must ensure that the router is not placed near mirrors, shiny metallic surfaces or within metal cabinets as the Wi-Fi signals will get deflected which will lead to latency and surveillance footage disruptions.

One should take measures to overcome interfering signals

According to lead project supervisors associated with reputed security camera installation companies in Sacramento, homeowners and commercial property owners will witness latency issues and surveillance footage disruptions if the Wi-Fi router dedicated to the wireless CCTV system installed in the property is unable to overcome interfering signals emanating from sources like other routers in the vicinity.

The best solution one can take is to ask the experts who installed the wireless security camera system on their property to select the right channel in a bid to reduce interfering signals disrupting the efficient transmission of surveillance footage.

One can always use signal extenders

If the Wi-Fi router dedicated to the wireless CCTV system installed in a property is handling signals emanating from multiple wireless CCTV camera units then the excessive load could be the reason behind latency issues and signal disruptions.

The possible solution is to ask the security camera installation company to add Wi-Fi range extenders at strategic positions all over the property.


For more tips on ways to boost the signal strength of wireless security camera systems installed in one’s home or place of business, the person should consult with experts like the ones working at Mr. Security Camera. One can call (916) 890-2920 or send an email at to book an appointment with an expert right away!