Active Shooter Situations- How to Respond?

Active Shooter Situations- How to Respond?

Robberies and killings are often common in developed countries. Unfortunately, in some, we do not know how to respond and end up getting hurt. One such case can be an active shooter situation when a person or a group of people shoot civilians in a highly-populated area like malls or a marketplace. In most such cases, a large number of innocents lose their lives and get hurt badly. However, these numbers can be lowered if most of us know how to respond in such a scenario. 

Basic Steps of Saving Yourself And Others

Often, the first step we think of while facing an active shooter situation is calling the police. However, when the police reach the crime area, most of the damage has already been done. So, how do we combat this? Let’s discuss the primary steps here.

  • Runaway 

The most crucial thing is to get into a safe place as soon as possible; doing this minimizes the chances of getting hurt. So try to figure out a safe area close by and evacuate yourself.

  • Get out of the shooter’s vision.

There can be a situation when you may not be able to move much farther. In such a situation, the best thing is to get yourself away from the shooter. You can also try to block their way by switching off the electricity and being hidden quietly.

  • Fight back

This should be the last option in case the above two things are not possible. Try to do anything you can, throw nearby items, and do whatever it takes to be safe.

What to Do Next?

  • If somehow you get into a safe place, the first thing to do is call the police. It is normal to get hyper and frightened but try to explain the situation to the police quickly and answer their questions calmly.
  • Note the looks of the shooters and how they call out to each other, as this may help the police arrest them in case they run away before the police arrive.
  • If you know a way out of that place, try to help other people present with you. The first ones to be helped should be children and elderly persons as they are least likely to help themselves. 
  • In difficult situations, the police officers may have to take strict actions to calm the situation. This may include the usage of tear gas or pepper spray, so try not to lose your calm and follow the law orders to get into a safe place.

How to Prevent Gunshots in Your Area? 

Active shooter situations occur suddenly without any prior knowledge so that we can be ready to face them. However, the best thing to be prepared for is installing a security system that alerts you when a gunshot is heard in your surroundings. 

Even if the shootings happen on the roadside, cameras in nearby houses can alert the police and keep you protected from the crime. Do you want to install an active shooter detection system? Look no further than Mr Security Camera - we have high-end solutions to help you prevent and tackle an emergency active shooter situation. To know more, visit us here.