5 Strategic Tips to Make Your Lobby Safer

5 Strategic Tips to Make Your Lobby Safer

Your lobby is an essential part of your home or office and sets the pace of what visitors will experience when they enter your building. As significant as this area is, you should never slack on one aspect – safety.

Ensuring your visitors are safe makes a good impression and ensures that they feel comfortable and always look forward to returning to your business. Now, what do you do to make sure your lobby is safer? Keep reading to learn what to implement in this salient place!

Want to Make Your Lobby Safer? Check out These Tips!

  •  Enact Visitor Passes

When managing a big building with many people getting in and out, it's crucial to ensure you use the "gate passes." You can give your employees and visitors an electronic key-card which they will swipe before accessing the building.

It's vital to have different cards for both; for instance, give employees cards that will enable them to access related-work areas. Passes should be given to office visitors once they have been cleared by security.

  • Ensure the Lobby is the Main Entrance and Exit to Point

Even with various entrances to the building, make the lobby the primary entry point. Visitors will access the building through this door, but employees can also use other doors. Also, this is the first stop for people entering your establishment.

The use of this technique helps ensure that all visitors are thoroughly screened. You can determine early whether a person has business on the property; if they don't, you can turn them away.

You can also opt for barriers like the turnstiles within the lobby to reinforce security, and it helps prevent unauthorized access to the premises.

  • Install CCTVs

Having remote monitoring and surveillance systems in a building is a great way to ensure safety. Therefore, make sure you install the video cameras and sensors. If possible, get well-trained security guards from licensed security providers to ensure safety is to the maximum.

  •  Deploy Security Guards at a Strategic Place

Ensure that you have security guards near the lobby. Their expertise is in monitoring such widely-accessible places well and ensuring no potential threat lurking around. 

Security guards help minimize the chances of unwanted incidents occurring. Even when they occur, they precisely understand how to deal with them.

  • Get a Visitor Management System (VMS)

It is crucial to install a digital system for visitors to sign in before accessing the premises. The VMS records the visitors' data, which is critical for future use. It also helps in taking the visitors' pictures and signatures and highlights the time they entered the building.

This system helps access the visitors in case of emergency. Also, having the visitors' information at hand is essential for verifying their identity. VMS saves you time that would otherwise be spent reading many pages to identify someone.

Wrapping Up

Your lobby determines how safe the rest of the building will be. Therefore, you must take safety precautions like having remote surveillance systems and installing a VMS. 

If you require any of these in your organization, a security camera will significantly help. Contact us for the best security camera and alarm installations that guarantee safety.