5 Musts to Increase Multi-unit Housing Security

5 Musts to Increase Multi-unit Housing Security

After working with various housing complexes, we come across the same security problems over and over again, like issues of theft, vandalism, and homeless campers.  

We understand everyone wants to feel secure, and the right technology can give you that assurance.  

Whether it’s a residential property or a commercial establishment, Mr. Security Camera offers the best multi-unit security solutions. From installing the latest security equipment to repair & replace your old device, we do it all to improve the security of a multi-unit building. We also provide free quotes and friendly consultations to help you make informed choices!  

All that being said, let us share some ways that can help you create a secured living environment. Here are the five best practices that will help you increase multi-unit housing security and attract more tenants and occupants.  

Use access controls 

With advancements in technology, security systems are becoming more effective. With an access control system, like security card, residents can use it to enter the building or secure common areas. Mr. Security Camera’s security system also creates a digital log of who is coming in and going out.  

In case there’s an issue with the access control system, it can easily be discontinued and a new one is issued. Having good access controls means that there is no need for tracking down keys, changing locks. We offer video surveillance as well - it can be integrated with access control to give access to only allowed visitors and immediately identify intruders.  

Use the best motion detectors

Motion detectors often complement security cameras and lights. Use modern motion security devices that automatically alerts remote monitoring personnel, empowering them to take prompt action.  

Secure parking lots and emergency staircases 

These are one of the most discussed issues at housing complexes.  

Intruders take advantage of dark and not-so-visible areas of the property. Using Mr. Security Camera’s CCTV camera setup, you can help prevent intruders from entering your complexes.  

Secure and monitor your trash bin site

In a multi-unit apartment system, trash bins should be protected to avoid illegal dumping.  

Surveillance of the dumping area helps to check suspicious activities and homeless living, which can be a threat. Further, the trash area should have cameras to ensure that sanitary and hygiene conditions are met.  

Build a vibrant community 

One of the most efficient and cost-effective methods to promote security in your housing complex is to encourage your residents to get to know their neighbors. 

You can consider organizing community events that will build a community so that they can get to know each other. When the residents in your complex know each other, it will become easier for them to spot any suspicious activity. Neighbors will look out for each other. A strong community in your housing complex will improve your security overall.  

All the practices described above can exponentially increase the security in housing complexes. Trust us, remote monitoring provides an extra pair of eyes all the time. With security devices, your amenity areas like the gym, roof decks, and pools can stay secured even after hours. This ensures the safety of residents and prevents many unlikely situations.  

Mr. Security Camera believes that residents in housing complexes should be able to come and live securely and safely in their buildings. That’s why we specialize in creating integrated security solutions to cater to the specific needs of various housing complexes.  

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