Mr. Security Camera's Policy for COVID-19

Top 3 Tips for Retail Video Surveillance

It is challenging to balance security concerns with fundamental safety requirements as a business owner. The safety of customers and employees is always a priority, as is maintaining a secure environm...

Top 5 Benefits of Using Thermal Cameras

Are you confused about the use of thermal cameras and how they work?   Thermal cameras have become a part of every home and industrial building due to their benefits. These cameras work on the ...

The Importance Of Access Control

In simple words, access control is keeping an eye on the people or places that concern the people. Access control is a must if a person is cautious about security, management of people and employees a...

Active Shooter Situations- How to Respond?

Robberies and killings are often common in developed countries. Unfortunately, in some, we do not know how to respond and end up getting hurt. One such case can be an active shooter situation when a p...

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